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Welcome to MeteorLife

Hello and welcome to the MeteorLife blog. In here, I plan to write articles, tutorials and code snippets about the Meteor framework. This blog will be also a complement to an online course I am developing about using Meteor that I have named: Developing Web Applications with Meteor – A Full Stack JavaScript Framework.
My name is Gilbert Mizrahi. I have been involved with software development in many capacities. In the 1980’s I funded/co-funded software companies, I was on the board of directors of the company that brought Oracle to Colombia and more. A few years ago, working as a research engineer, I developed advanced application using Adobe Flex (Actionscript). When Steve Jobs killed Flash I decided to learn JavaScript, but I found it was hard to get started; too many approaches and MV* (Model View Controller or Model View “other”) frameworks. Only deciding what to start with was very confusing. Some people suggested Backbone, others Ember, and others Angular. So besides learning JavaScript, one needed to learn many other things to become a front-end developer. And if you want to handle also the back-end you would need to get familiar with languages such as PHP, Ruby, etc., or add Node.js to the mix adding even more confusion.
A couple years ago a new framework called Meteor emerged. It is a complete open source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript. It is built on top of Node.js for building real-time web apps. Meteor is radically simpler and allows writing software more rapidly. It is great to create quick full featured prototypes and to deploy production apps.

I hope you enjoy my posts, but more importantly I hope you find them useful.
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