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Starting next week I will write a weekly post about how to develop simple web app ideas. Probably most of these ideas will be related to online marketing – growth hacking. The idea is that they could be useful for mostly anyone.

Besides describing the idea, I will outline the workflow of the app and how it could be developed with Meteor. I think you can use other frameworks to create them, but I want to focus on how to develop them with Meteor, since, as you could guess for the name,this blog is mainly related to Meteor.

I hope these posts will inspire current and aspiring web developers as well as entrepreneurs.
In these posts I will not code the applications, but I will describe how they can be build.

I warn you, some ideas could be original ones, but most will be ideas that I take from the marketplace. When I see web apps and other products that I find interesting, I like to brainstorm to try to understand how a product or an app has been developed. Interestingly, even if you copy an idea as a basic concept, once you have it built and you start to iterate you will discover your own path and make it unique.

If you happen to have some interesting ideas for web apps (or mobile apps), but you don’t know how to go about them, please add it to the comment box below or in the future posts related to the web ideas. I will be happy to consider them for my analysis.

Finally, some shameless self-promotion, if you are looking to learn how to develop web apps with Meteor, please check my course Create Web Apps with Meteor & React, where I show how to develop a full polling app from scratch.

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