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A few months ago, I published my first online course on Udemy: Create Web Apps with Meteor & React. The course has more than 8 hours of video in which I explain how to develop a complete application.

Now, I decided to put the course on weekly lessons here on my blog. If you want to have access to the whole course in video format and with access to the source files, you can get it with a special discount.

Description of the Application

Throughout this course, I will show how to build a complete poll application. The main components that it will have are:

  • A user account system, where poll creators can create an account, log in, and logout. Thus, the app will allow only logged in users to create, edit, view or post polls.
  • A polls page – this page (route) will allow users to see all the polls they have created, From there poll creators will be able to view, edit or delete individual polls.
  • A new poll page (route). Where users (poll creators)  will able to create a new poll with a variable number of options from each poll.
  • A view Poll page – That page will show also some code to embed the poll on third party sites (such as a WordPress site) using iFrames.
  • A posted poll page (route). That page could be accessible by anyone and people will be able to vote on it.
    The posted poll will display the poll question and options and will allow people to vote only once (per browser). The application will keep track of who has already voted. Once a person has voted it will display the results sorting the options by the number of votes.
  • Events – to edit and delete polls. Furthermore, the app will have events to add or delete options to a poll and more.
    Certain actions across the app trigger alerts and/or notifications.

Here is a mockup of the application:



I have made some videos related to ES6 and React available for free. You can skip them if you are already familiar with ES6 and/or React. Otherwise, I suggest you start there.
ES6 Primer videos
React Primer Intro
React Components & Props
React Specs, Lifecycle, and State

Next week I will show how to get started. Have fun!


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